• Randa Ibrahim

5 Habits to Regain Yourself

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

If you feel that you are brutal, know that there are things that have happened in your life left you with a vague vision of yourself vision.To restore the clear vision, you will need various improvements. Many of which, you would think that they aren't achievable, due to the mistrust in yourself. This will block your success path if you didn’t try.

Therefore, with full trust in yourself, follow the below 5 habits, daily:

1 -Do-not compare yourself with others no matter how (apparently or not) happy or successful. Their hidden side of their lives may make you favor your current circumstances.

2 - Do not bother about others' opinions, during your path toward regaining control of yourself.

3- Define goals for your life, write them down. With the first success, the vague vision of yourself will start to be clear.

4- Based on energy healing theories, Meditation is a physical, spiritual and rational communication with one another, that goes in one path consistent with yourself and with your vision of the world. What people do not know that all the prophets have done meditation sessions as worship. However, most people deviated from the meditation path, due to the busy modern world.

5- NLP theories indicate that you need every day “Me Time”. You need to focus and define your life priorities alone, without the intervention of anybody else. During the “Me Time” you will get to know more yourself. Over time, you will learn more about your priorities, desires, needs, talents, etc.

Randa Ibrahim

NLP Practitioner

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